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Map of Osage Beach Expressway

Description of the Divided US 54 Map

  • The Red sections are existing Hwy 54•   The Yellow section is the Hwy 54 Expressway (not open yet)
  • The Blue Section is the NEW Divided Hwy 54
    • This section will become one way traffic 1-3 weeks after Labor Day
    • Existing Hwy 54 (lower blue road) will be the East bound traffic flow
    • Fort Osage Ln / Bluff Rd (upper blue road) will be the West bound traffic flow
    • Turn arounds and/ or U Turn opportunities are indicated by the arrows
    • When open signage will read Osage Beach Parkway North/South 
  • The entire existing Hwy 54 will become Osage Beach Parkway when the Expressway fully opens 
  • The map is divided into 3 sections – A, B, C.  Chamber members who are National Chains with brand logos readily recognizable appear on the map
  • Other member businesses are listed in the Legend
This Divided US 54 map is provided to you in a combined community service effort by Lake Printing, Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and MoDot.  If you need more clarification please contact the Lake Area Chamber at 964.1008