Osage Beach And Osage Beach Real Estate

Osage Beach is located along Highway 54 between Lake Ozark and Linn Creek. The city stretches approximately 9.4 linear miles along Highway 54 with many secondary roads stretching off of the highway called Lake Roads.

Quick Stats about Osage Beach

  • According to the 2000 Census Data the Total population of Osage Beach was 3,662 with an average population of 389.77 per square mile.
  • The most prominent age group of Osage Beach residents is age 45 – 64 encompassing nearly 30% of the Osage Beach population.
  • Of 110 homes sold in Osage Beach during 2008 the average price per home was $340,683 according to the information available on the local Multiple Listing Service. This includes Lakefront homes.
  • The average income for a household in Osage Beach is $38,448 according to the 2000 Census Data.
  • Osage Beach has been home to the most prominent Commercial growth that the Lake of the Ozarks community has experienced.

Originally Osage Beach was populated with many Mom and Pop businesses such as Restaurants, Marinas, Resorts, Grocery Stores and other stores. In the late 1980’s Osage Beach received a Major Department Store now called Lake Premier Outlet Mall. This mall is home to over 100 Major Brand Names selling their products at discounted prices.

Starting with the Real Estate boom of the late 1990’s, the small Mom and Pop stores began to be replaced by the more prominent National Stores such as Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s Restaurant, HyVee Grocery Store, Target, Lowes and many others. Today Osage Beach is in the middle of a major road project. A limited access Expressway is currently under construction. Starting on the West side of town and weaving back and forth across the highway creating many off roads and new intersections the Osage Beach Expressway stretches all the way to the East side of Lake Ozark and connects with Hwy. 54 just below the Bagnell Dam. This new Expressway project is opening the door for many new Commercial and Residential land projects some of which are already in the development process.

A Short History of Osage Beach

Named for a man-made sand beach on the banks of the Osage River at the foot of a steep hill, Osage Beach was platted in 1928, by real estate developers who sold lots even before the Dam was completed.

Two small towns, Zebra, originally on the Osage River and named for the striped appearance of nearby bluffs, and Damsel existed here. Eventually both were incorporated into Osage Beach.

The Grand Glaize Bridge was finished before the Dam and was nicknamed The Upside Down Bridge because the framing structure was underneath to offer people an unimpeded view of the Lake.

The French are why Ozarks is the name of this stunning part of the country. They had an established post on the Arkansas River, shortening the name to Aux-Arcs which became pronounced Ozarks. The word literally means: “to the Arkansas” or “to the Arkansas Post.”

Over time, commerce began amongst traders from St. Louis and local Native Americans. The Osage people bartered beaver, animal skins and other valuable items that found ways into the easternmost colonies of both United States and Europe. The animal skins became top hats for men and cloaks for women.

Traders moved even further into this area, causing the Osage people to have to cede parcels of their land to the federal government. The result was a local trail of tears during 1825, when the Osage tribe was moved from their home onto reservations in Oklahoma and Kansas.

This federal action caused Lake Ozarks to became wide open for settlers coming mostly from Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Among these settlers were hunters like Daniel Boone— whose livelihood was trapping animals for skins.

The majority of the newcomers turned out to be farmers building log homes and churches, who tilled fields with mules and oxen. The local farmers grew crops of corn, hay and soybeans while raising pigs and cattle for their need to be self-sufficient.

Life in Lake Ozarks wasn’t only work. Pioneers met social interaction needs by gathering into small communities who greatly enjoyed box-suppers, and music played for square, round and clog dancing.

These activities were passed down through generations— and visitors still enjoy seeing it today in our small town street-dances and festivals. Our music concerts feature mountain music, bluegrass, country and gospel singing.

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